Month: April 2019


How to – Basic Haircut

Throughout my seemingly diverse career, I’ve listened to what a large number of stylist have admitted that they’re struggling with. And that is giving their customer/client a precise hair cut. Just about every Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist or Barber knows that if you can’t give a precise hair cut, the customer can tell that their hair cut is JACKED UP! Will they come back to be … Read More How to – Basic Haircut


Much of Herself

Owning her own business at the early age of 22 and holding steady for 15 years, her siblings considered her a hustler. She was always thinking ahead, envisioning her next money-making move. But after her divorce, she became a prostitute for cocaine in a relationship. Her past was her pimp for years. She was trapped in the basement of desperation and degradation as others … Read More Much of Herself


How To Get A Good Haircut

I have heard so many haircut horror stories that I would like to educate you the paying client on what you should be looking for when going to get your haircut. Some of you as a client are under the impressions that going to one of the “better salons” or sometimes referred to as an “upscale salon” will give you the best haircut since … Read More How To Get A Good Haircut