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Hi, and I’m April. I can never know enough with all I know about the Beauty Industry. I have been a licensed Cosmetologist working behind the chair for 30 years. And I’ve had the privilege of owning a salon for 15 of those 30 years. And during those thirty years, I’ve managed a couple of productive, high-producing corporate salons. Although it was a rewarding career path, I still felt stagnant as a salon manager. I hope to inspire you not to let those who don’t see your vision keep you from making your dreams come to life. The love of entrepreneurship inspires me not to let past failures stop the determination to move into the next. Hopefully, I can encourage and remind you to keep your dreams alive. Allow your past failures to teach you how to be persistent, adjust the sails, and push forward. Facebook Instagram

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Take The Leap Into Entrepreneurship

by HairsMyExperience

Entrepreneurs aspire to make a difference in the world, not simply in their own lives. To many, becoming an entrepreneur may appear to be a frightening and high-risk trip, while to others, this unexpected adventure seems to be the same road that their life should take. Yet, entering the uncharted battleground of business is perhaps the only option for those who despise their employment to alter their circumstances and succeed. Starting your own business involves money, many hours of hard effort, patience, and the awareness that you may not make much money the first year or two, or your firm may collapse altogether. According to Entrepreneur magazine, around 30% of small firms fail within the first two years, and half die by the fifth year. Despite these grim statistics, tens of thousands of people establish their enterprises each year. Understanding some of the main motivations that motivate entrepreneurs to go it alone can help you determine whether becoming your boss is worth the risk. If you’ve been toying with the idea of starting a business, now could be a perfect moment to take the plunge. This article may help you determine whether you should transition from employee to entrepreneur. Becoming an entrepreneur is not a fairy tale; it is a significant change in one’s way of life. It is also quite different and often more challenging than working for a corporation.