Are you a “Beautyprenur” who feels as though there is something they forgot to teach you when you attended beauty school?

Well, you’re probably saying…

“I graduated from Beauty School, now what? There are so many things I wish I was taught when I was in Beauty School.” I might as well give up!

Would you like to build a profitable Beauty Business with my guidance?

In my seemingly diverse 30 years in this ever-changing industry, my research found that many stylists end up leaving the beauty industry because of frustration and lack of money within the first year. Even if they lasted as long as I have, my research has also revealed that some of the more seasoned stylists were tired of standing behind the chair and/or being a salon owner. Affected by unhappiness and grief they throw in the towel and close shop.

Are you that “Beautyprenur” who’s business is not what you know it could be? If so I encourage you to reach out and don’t think any question is a dumb question. And always remember… a closed mouth never gets fed.