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Abu Dhabi

It was February 8, 2016, and I was on my way to meet you for the first time. It was the night of February 8 when we landed, and I was so excited to be on vacation for the first time away from the U.S. I wanted to see everything you wanted to show me, and I wanted to see it all at that very moment. The first thing I wanted to experience was a salon/spa atmosphere; however, my first sighting, from afar, was the “Burj Al Arab,” and it looked just like it did on my google search. Here’s a picture of my first sighting, the “Burj Al Arab.”


I had success in owning my own business and I am at a point in my life where I enjoy blogging as well as teaching professionals how to hone in on their niche to make them stand out from their competition and find their distinguishable asset. My hope is to help professionals who are new to the industry, as well as the more seasoned professional, learn what it takes to increase their earning potential.

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