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Have you heard of the new skincare routine on the block? Korean Skin Care and other plant-based and natural skincare routines are the “New Thing” in town. What you did not know is that our hair is also as important as our skin. So why do we not go natural when it comes to our hair?

The reason is simple. We don’t realize that hair care can also be natural. So we don’t necessarily need those sodium hydroxide-rich shampoos and hair products for our hair.

Background of Hair Care

The hair is organic. Just like skin, the hair needs nourishment. When we apply anything to our hair, it is absorbed by the scalp and goes into the hair shaft. This strengthens or weakens the hair follicles depending on what you are applying to your hair.

So, the best thing you can do for your hair is going with plant-based, natural products. There are so many vanities to choose from that it can get confusing at times. But, plant-based products don’t have any side effects are natural.

Why Are Plant-based Hair Products Better?

In 2019, the total value of the natural hair care market was around 8.74 billion dollars. Furthermore, it is forecasted to grow at a special annual rate of almost 4.7% by 2027. Surprisingly, both genders, men and women, are active participants in the market.

These are natural ingredients like Vitamin E, which is beneficial for hair growth and shines the hair. This drastic shift is because the shampoos with chemicals have detrimental effects on the hair and people now opt for natural products.

Out of the natural hair care products, plant-based ones are gaining popularity. But have you still not made the transition from regular shampoos to plant-based ones? Here are the primary four reasons why you should switch as soon as possible.

Gentle on the Scalp and Hair

If you have sensitive skin, opting for plant-based hair products will be a life-saver for you. Without chemicals, the shampoo will be able to deal with irritants better.

This is because these hair care products have ingredients that are biogenetically similar to our bodies. On the other hand, pharmaceutical products have chemicals, especially sodium hydroxide; the natural balance of the scalp and hair gets irritated.


Plant-based hair care products are versatile and can be used for multiple things at the same time. On the contrary, when dealing with chemical-based hair care products, you require many different products to deal with hair issues.

For instance, dandruff requires a shampoo; curly hair requires a conditioner; to add shine, you need to have different treatments like Keratin, etc. However, when it comes to plant-based and natural ingredients like peppermint and tea tree oil, they can stimulate the scalp, nourish the hair strands and follicles, etc.

If the right plant-based products are selected, hair’s natural balance can be maintained to provide a healthy, nourished, shiny and neat look.

Don’t Strip Hair of Natural Oils Etc.

Most, if not all, of the chemical hair products, make the scalp and hair lose their natural oils. Hence, the hair looks dry, and breakage occurs. Opting for plant-based hair care has several natural vitamins like E, D, A, and many others, which let the roots unclog and, as a result, nourish the hair and scalp.

Hence, the moisture level on the hair increases, and it gives a healthy and glowing look.


There is a misconception that plant-based hair care is a new thing. In reality, it is not. This type of hair care has been around for centuries. Our ancestors did not have these chemical-based shampoos, butter, hair masks, conditioners, etc. The “therapeutic” side of it has always been around. It has been gaining popularity in the recent past because people are becoming self-conscious and aware.

A point to ponder is that when natural and plant-based products have so many advantages, why is sodium hydroxide added to most of the hair care products found on the market? Let’s look at this in detail.

Why is Sodium Hydroxide being Added to Most of the Hair Care Products?

Commonly called Iye, sodium hydroxide has many industrial uses. Have you ever heard of opening a blocked drain with sodium hydroxide?

Yes, that is some pretty harsh stuff!

If you come in contact with larger quantities of Sodium Hydroxide, it can irritate the skin. According to research, high concentrations of the chemical can cause burns to the skin, eyes, lungs, digestive system and cause dermatitis.

So, the question still holds that if it is dangerous, why do the manufacturers add it to the shampoos?

Imagining a shampoo without sodium hydroxide is difficult. Did you flip the shampoo label and see that it is not added to your shampoo. Well, it has been there, done that. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers add it to the ingredient label. There are three reasons that it is still added in shampoos. These are as follows:

FDA does not require the first two points. The worrisome thing is that shampoos that have “hair relaxing” or straightening written on them have a much higher concentration of sodium hydroxide in them.

This was enough for me to make a shift to plant-based hair care. Why would you go for chemical-based products when plant-based ones are better? Why invest in something that has chemicals in them and is not natural?


Apart from the promises of chemical-based hair care products, they always end up damaging your hair one way or the other. But, on the other hand, the natural, plant-based ones are cruelty-free and do not harm the environment or the hair.

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