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Do You feel as though your natural hair isn’t growing?

Hey, you Natural haired person! Do you feel as though your natural hair growth is stunted? Well, maybe I can help you figure out why. But, first, let me give you a little backstory on me. I have been a practicing Cosmetologist for over thirty-plus years. I currently work in a corporate salon, and I work with all types of hair. So, I like to think my hair knowledge is pretty extensive. But unfortunately, on too many occasions, someone will sit in my chair and begin to tell me that they want to grow their hair, but it seems as though it has stopped growing.


I begin with a series of questions, and the first would be, “when was the last time you had a hair dusting”? A hair dusting is more like a maintenance trim of your hair where I would dust the ends. The dusting usually comes after you get a haircut. I typically recommend hair dusting approximately eight weeks after a good haircut. I liken hair dusting to pruning a tree, if you know what I mean or can relate to what’s entailed in pruning a tree.


I usually ask, what are you using to shampoo your hair? If you are using a cheap shampoo, that could contribute to why your hair feels as though it isn’t growing. Quality does matter! Cheap shampoo may be suitable for your pocket, but it is harsh on your hair. A shampoo containing very mild chemicals with the right proportions to cleanse, detangle, and soften the hair is best for naturally curly hair. I recommend you look for a more natural sulfate-free shampoo – you will begin to see a difference in your hair.

towel drying

Another question I ask would be, what do you use to dry your hair? The type of towel you use will impact how the cuticle of your hair lies down. A regular bath towel drying yourself off after a bath or shower won’t cut it. Instead, they tend to ruffle the cuticle of your hair. Some people wear a T-shirt- I can’t entirely agree with utilizing a T-shirt because most T-shirts are made of cotton and will ruffle your hair cuticles. I recommend using a microfiber towel because it cuts down on drying time but will also help reduce frizz. Your hair will thank you! Here’s a tip when washing your microfiber towel- never use fabric softener! Using a fabric softener will clog the microfiber material making the cloth useless. Using the right content to dry your hair will play a big part in your growth.

In conclusion

There may be many reasons you feel your natural hair isn’t growing, and the questions I ask my clients are just a few. First, I encourage you to check the ingredients in your current shampoo. For example, if you see a chemical called sodium hydroxide, that could contribute to why your hair isn’t growing. Second, look closely at what you’re using and doing to protect your hair because once it’s gone, it’s a prolonged challenging journey nursing it back to health. Finally, if you have a question about your hair, contact me – maybe I can help.


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