Shiny Object Syndrome

Waiting for my “NEXT”! Shiny objects are everywhere, and the distractions outweigh the progress. Maneuvering my way through all the fluff is the hardest part. You see, don’t misinterpret what I’m feeling with what I love- because I love what I do. I was blessed with a gift, and I use it- meh… occasionally. But, hey- I’m honest, just like the majority who say, “Success Is An Iceberg.” And here’s what people don’t see in comparison to reality.

Literal synopsis of “My Iceberg Theory.” The reality of it all consists of Self-doubt, Sleepless nights, Life-like dreams during REM sleep, Tears, Disappointment, Fear, What If’s, Expenses, Reflection, Time management, Goal Setting, Prioritization, Growth mindset, Focus, Persistence, Sacrifice. And through it all, I will succeed!

Yours truly,

Open and Sincere, April

Please, don't be silent.

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