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Throughout my seemingly diverse career, I’ve listened to what a large number of stylist have admitted that they’re struggling with. And that is giving their customer/client a precise haircut. Just about every Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist or Barber knows that if you can’t give a precise haircut, the customer can tell that their hair cut is JACKED UP! Will they come back to be serviced by you? Aw… NO! So you the stylist have just lost a potential long-term, high paying client.

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How do you keep this from happening? Well, I have the answer! I have been cutting hair professionally for over 30 years. And cutting is my forte. For me being able to transform someone through a hair cut is most rewarding. Think about when you’ve got an awesome hair cut. You walk taller and you tend to hold your head higher and when the compliments are given it gives you a big boost of confidence.


When I teach stylist the art of hair cutting I make it as simple as possible. That’s why I’ve come up with a haircutting technique that does just about any hair cut with very simple modifications depending on what look the client is going for. The one basic fundamental when teaching this hair cut is to always make sure the haircut is balanced. The only time you would throw that out the window is when you’re giving a haircut that isn’t symmetrical.


So always remember that the majority of the hair cuts we as professionals do, must have symmetry. The video below is a long layered hair cut. If you’d like to get step by step instructions then drop your email below with the words “instructions please”. Following this technique will gain your client’s trust. Then and only then will they trust you enough to prebook a more costly service because you have gained their trust. ( click the link below to view the hair cut)

The Hair Cut

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