Virgin Hair

After returning from my visit to the UAE, I have realized that I am in love with who I have become. I do not know what may be in my rich ancestral lineage, but I am in love with every bit of me. I am in love with the extremely tight curl in my hair. My gumball sized eyes are so big and round, not to mention my large nose. I love all of me, from my hair follicle to the creases on the bottom of my big feet; yes, I love me!
Most of us must have, at one point in our lives, realize that we must love who we are. If we don’t, let me know how someone else can enjoy the person we’ve become. Let me put it to you like this; how can I expect someone to love me and “I” don’t love me. Well, enough about the love of oneself, let’s talk about hair.
My first attempt, as an adult, to do the natural thing was back in 1999. I cut all my hair off and began to let it dread up. My mother told me I was a rebel. She hated the way I wore it, and she never hesitated to say to me. I must admit she was right. I was at a very rebellious stage in my life.


After wearing dreads for about two years, I decided to relax my hair again. Yes, I gave in to the “creamy crack.” I wore my relaxed hair for years. Then it hit me. I wanted to be natural again. Round two! In 2010 I cut all my hair off once again. This time I wanted to try the twist and go styles. I was doing something wrong because it wasn’t looking like the girls on the YouTube videos. Look at the picture up top in the heading. It first looked like a hot mess, but the more I looked at it, the prettier it looked.

So I’ve been using Curvaceous by Redken. It’s a hair styling agent used on curly hair. The “full swirl” is a sculpt and shine serum that helps control the frizz and suitable for dry hair ends. The “ringlet” is a lotion that helps transform the tight spiral in our hair. So far, I love it! I’ve been getting so many compliments on this look. However, I don’t know how long I will wear it because if you know your local Cosmetologist, that would be me; I’m always trying something new. The products cost about $19. A bit costly, but well worth the price. I shampoo my hair with the Curvaceous low foam sulfate-free shampoo, then follow with the conditioner. It’s the best thing for right now.

I have not tied my hair up before going to bed since cutting it. In the mornings, before going about my day, I wet my hair and put about a quarter-sized amount of the “Curvaceous full swirl” in the palm of my hand, emulsify it and rub it into my hair. Then I take the “Curvaceous ringlet” and squirt about three pumps in my hand and distribute it evenly throughout my hair. I like the way it defines the curl in my hair. As you look at the front part of my head, you will see some of the relaxer’s ends in the picture below. I will cut that out gradually. But overall, I am digging this product.

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