Why Use A Hair Oil?

You want to use a hair treatment oil because there are several benefits to using a treatment oil. I will name a few and the advantages of using a hair treatment oil. My favorite hair oil used to treat your hair is Amla oil. And I’m not simply saying it because I’m selling it. It truly is a fantastic oil and one of my favorites!

Amla oil is jam-packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, and polyphenols. As a result, I’ve witnessed my hair growth for four months, and I’ve attached pictures below to see the transition I’m noticing.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, oxidative stresses significantly cause hair aging. Amla oil has a high level of vitamin C, which protects the hair from free radicals and oxidative stress that speeds up the aging process. In addition, collagen is a protein our hair needs, and vitamin C gives us this protein.

The anti-oxidants in Amla oil have multiple benefits, and I have listed several below.

Polyphenols are essential nutrients often studied to fight disease and promote health, and when it is applied topically, studies show that polyphenols encourage hair growth. All three of these nutrients are naturally occurring, which is beneficial for someone searching for healthy hair and scalp health options.

When shopping around for your Amla oil, make sure you research. Do not waste your time or money on those oils cut with carrier oils like coconut, preservatives, and synthetic fragrances. Go for quality, not quantity, and your hair will thank you!

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