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Do you have hair concerns that you would like to ask a professional hairstylist, but you sometimes feel too intimidated to ask them the question? 

When you are in a retail or beauty supply store and have so many questions, do you feel like the sales associate is annoyed with you asking those questions and is just trying to make a sale and send you on your way?

Hello & welcome to Hair’s My Experience. We don’t claim to know everything, but we know a little something about hair and hair care products. With over thirty years of experience, we are passionate about the beauty industry. Hair’s My Experience is here to help guide you, the consumer, on your hair journey by committing to answering any questions about hair care and products you may have. 

We hope you become an informed consumer, making a more informed choice while loving the products you decide to add to your daily routine. We’re here to help so, send your questions via email to hairsmyexperience@gmail.com. In the subject box, put “Hair’s my question.”

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