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I love everything “Hair”. I have been doing hair since I was eighteen years old. I owned my first salon at the ripe young age of twenty-two and it was fabulous, or at least I thought it was. So I have had this love affair with all things “hair” since. While in Dubai, someone very dear to me booked three of us gals a manicure/pedicure at this Day Spa Haven called “Tips and Toes”.

As we arrived I had expected to pull up at a mall of some sort but, it was a villa! It was nice looking from the outside and I was dying to get inside. As we walked up the steps to go inside there was a sign right outside the front door on the building stating the services they offered. And they offer a sweet variety of services.  I wish I had gotten a shampoo and blow dry style while I was there but, fear stopped me. If you’re anything like me you have to see what a stylist can do before jumping in head first.

Reaching for the door handle we went in. The front area was unusually interesting and so was the greeting. However, the spa was pretty.  We were then called into another room, one by one,  where we were asked to have a seat. I must tell you that my experiences with the nail salons in the U.S. are somewhat different than what we experienced in Abu Dhabi at “Tips and Toes”.  Each of us had one Filipino woman doing our manicure, one doing our pedicure, and one doing our back massage. Can I say I felt like royalty! I was very tense before getting the message and very relaxed afterward. I will most definitely go back! If you’re planning a trip to Abu Dhabi put “Tips and Toes” on the itinerary.  Oh and one more thing, the nail tech’s are super nice. Here is their website

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